4 Ways to Change Your Social Media Content With the Seasons

Jun 2017

4 Ways to Change Your Social Media Content With the SeasonsWith summer, we celebrate warmer weather and longer days. Like the changes in weather, social media content can also affect our mood and the way customers consume content. From beach photos splashing across your Instagram feed to Pinterest boards decked in boots and scarves, our needs and desires also change with the seasons. Discover ways that your company can maximize its brand’s through authentic seasonal content that cultivates a deeper connection with your target audience.

Know What Appeals to Your Audience

Before your business starts sharing seasonal content with fans, it’s important to put yourself in their shoes. Think about what type of content is engaging to your audience. If you sell outdoor equipment and your target audience is families, you can tie into your summer content posts about summer barbecues and outdoor living. Work in an industry unrelated to the season? No worries! Share photos of your product beachside, in front of a fireplace or in a pile of colorful leaves to capitalize on the season.

4 Ways to Change Your Social Media Content With the Seasons

Execute a Seasonal-Themed Contest

Businesses are always looking to improve their sales during the winter holiday season. Put your customers in the holiday spirit by launching a winter-themed contest (best-wrapped gift content, cutest holiday-themed pet photo) and offer prizes with a winter holiday twist. Deciding the contest winner provides your company with another opportunity to expand your reach and grow your engagement.

Include User-Generated Content

Who doesn’t love looking through vacation photos? User-generated content is a great way to spark a connection with your followers. Use Facebook to create an album and showcase your fans’ best spring break photos. Take it a step further on Pinterest and show off the spring spirit by creating a board filled with family vacation ideas from your followers. Use Instagram to spotlight your followers’ spring vacation adventures by sharing and crediting their photos.

Update Banner and Profile Images

Looking for a way to freshen up your content? Simply swap out your banner and profile photos to coincide with the seasons. For example, if the NFL wants to sell team-logoed sweatshirts or jackets to fans in the winter months, they may post happy Green Bay Packers fans bundled up at a tailgating party in the snow wearing NFL team attire.

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