4 Tools to Help Your LinkedIn Marketing Soar

Jun 2020

When it comes to cutting-edge, impactful marketing platforms, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook come to mind for many people. But what about LinkedIn? The professional networking platform is often glazed over by marketing strategists, but if you’re in a B2B business, it can be the added boost your team needs to take your marketing to the next level. Even if you already have a presence on LinkedIn, here are 4 tools to help elevate your brand presence to drive leads and sales. 

LinkedIn Sales Manager

This tool, offered by the platform itself, is an organized way to generate leads right in LinkedIn. Their advanced search filters allow you to define complex prospect searches based on factors like geographic location, industry, title, years in the position, and more. Effectively utilizing Linkedin Sales Manager can take the grunt work out of finding prospective clients on LinkedIn, and allows you to target and log the best leads for your company in an organized, user-friendly way. 


Data-driven storytelling is a powerful tool. Understanding the trends on your page and across your LinkedIn posts is vital to adopt a successful marketing strategy. Unmetric is a great tool to easily view your data and better understand your customers and how to market to them. This type of analytics plugin can provide valuable feedback on what is working and what may need improvement in your LinkedIn content strategy, helping guide future posts to be more impactful. 


Canva is a useful tool for creating engaging visuals across all social platforms, but it can be particularly valuable on LinkedIn. The professional nature of the platform encourages the spread of reliable information in a digestible way – readability and credibility in your posts are important. Using Canva to create interesting infographics, testimonial graphics, and digital flyers can keep your posts looking clean, professional, and appealing to the reader. 



Keeping warm leads on the hook can sometimes be difficult, but this tool helps improve your odds of conversion. Crystal is a Personality AI platform that analyzes data points in a LinkedIn profile to give you a better understanding of the personalities of your prospects and help you talk to them like you’ve known them for months or years. This tool will give you communication tips for each prospect based on this data, allowing you to effectively adapt your conversations to fit each prospective client on your list.


LinkedIn is a unique platform in your marketing arsenal, and has the potential to drive leads and sales unlike any other site. Building a comprehensive business page is only the starting point to finding success on the site. 


94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing.


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