3 Promotion Ideas for Your Las Vegas Restaurant

Jun 2020

3-Promotion-Ideas-For-Your-Las-Vegas-RestaurantAs restaurants reopen across Las Vegas, it’s time to get your customers in the door. While everyone is tired of being at home, many are reluctant to dine out, wondering if their favorite restaurant has proper health and safety procedures in place. Reassuring your regular and potential customers of your safety protocols through social media is important, but will it entice them to dine in? Now is the time to not only alleviate your customers’ fears but to welcome them back to your establishment with an effective promotion. If you’re not sure where to begin, enlisting the help of a Las Vegas marketing agency can help get your promotion off and running.

Provide a Discount

Although this is one of the most common types of promotions, it is also one of the most effective. Discounts come in three forms: time-based, percentage-based, and flat-off. A time-based discount lasts for a specific duration of time, i.e., Happy Hour from 5 PM to 7 PM. A percent-based discount offers a percentage off of the full price of an item or meal, whereas a flat-off discount removes a fixed dollar amount. Keep in mind that customers ultimately judge a restaurant based on quality so continue making delicious food that keeps diners coming back. 

Plan an Event

Planning an event may seem counterintuitive given the current health climate; however, it doesn’t always mean throwing a party. An event can be as simple as a seasonal chef’s special or additional smaller menu. If you’re ready to plan something more traditional, think about safe ways to do it. A “chef’s table” event could have a reservation-only policy to observe proper distancing. You could even host a grab and go sample tasting in lieu of a sit-down meal to expose your cuisine to the public while staying as safe as possible.

Create a Loyalty Program

Building a customer loyalty program offers customers discounts, yes, but also a sense of accomplishment when they hit the promotional goal. The right kind of loyalty program for your business depends on your type of establishment, but the POS-integrated option is one of the simplest and most streamlined systems for both you and your customers as there are no physical discount cards to keep track of. Loyalty programs may include birthday perks, discounts, freebies, or invitations to special events and are an effective way to involve your customers in your business. Hopefully, they’ll tell their friends and family about it, too.


Two-thirds of consumers have made an unplanned purchase based on finding a discount.

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