4 Go-To Twitter Content Ideas for Your Business

Jun 2020

4-Go-To-Twitter-Post-Ideas-For-Your-BusinessIt’s a good, no, great idea to be active on Twitter. With over 145 million daily users, Twitter is an effective and efficient place to market your business. But unlike posts on other social media channels that could be relevant for hours, tweets have an average shelf life of roughly 18 seconds, which can affect engagement on Twitter. With this in mind, tweets should be posted often, and with intention, to grab the viewer in real time. While a good practice is to tweet at least 5 times a day, sometimes increasing daily posts to 20 or more can be beneficial. It can be time-consuming to find or create all of the necessary content. When you want to go beyond retweets and post something new, try one of the following topics that are relevant any day of the week.

Suggest Tips

When suggesting tips to your audience, the options are endless. Are you a beauty brand? Give tips on how to use your product, or take care of your skin in the summer sun. If a large section of your audience is currently working from home, provide tips on how to stay sane and active. While users certainly want to learn more about your product, testing out tips that aren’t directly related to your offering is a good way to let your audience know you’re staying current, care about their interests, and are concerned with more than just making a sale.

Share Other People’s Articles

It’s one thing to share your own content, it’s another to open your posts up to another source. Sharing articles or resources from other people or businesses gives an educational element to your posts and can be an opportunity to keep your followers informed on industry news. Furthermore, these posts could connect you with the article’s author and create a new professional relationship.

Re-use Content

Repurposing content from your other social media channels not only saves time but allows you to give a fresh spin on content in a way that’s more appropriate for Twitter users. You can’t post an entire blog on Twitter, but you can write a sentence or two and add a link to your blog. If you’re running ads on another channel, the ad copy or image could be a good source of content as well. Plus, when you keep content consistent (but not identical) throughout your channels, it strengthens your brand voice, and your audience will be more clear on what differentiates your company from your competition.

Answer FAQs

Are there any questions your customers commonly ask? Writing a FAQ post is an efficient way to respond while creating multiple tweets in the process. Your website FAQ page might be a good place to start, as longer answers can be boiled down to bite-sized pieces. Each question can be broken up into different tweets, creating smaller bits of content from a longer post.


15% of Twitter users will unfollow a brand within 3 weeks if the content hasn’t kept them engaged.

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