31 Reasons to Celebrate This October

Sep 2014
Photo credit: @shopbicyclette
Photo credit: @shopbicyclette

Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or the Fourth of July, people love getting festive with one another online. If you’re stumped about what to post on social media, chances are that there is a little-known holiday just begging to be celebrated.

While we aren’t suggesting that you hire a party planner to pull together a last-minute Mad Hatter Day tea party, there really is something to the “merry unbirthday” mindset. After all, offbeat holidays offer a break from the routine and give people a reminder that every day is worth celebrating.

Although there are well over 100 official holidays in the month of October, the list below shows off our favorites for each day. Pick a few that you feel resonate with your company’s brand, and figure out fun ways to tie them into your social media schedule.

  1. World Vegetarian Day
  2. Poetry Day
  3. Boyfriends Day
  4. Improve Your Office Day, Vodka Day and Taco Day (We find it hard to believe this is a coincidence.)
  5. World Teachers Day
  6. Mad Hatter Day
  7. Bathtub Day
  8. Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work & School Day
  9. Curious Events Day
  10. Hug a Drummer Day
  11. Universal Music Day
  12. Old Farmers Day
  13. Native American Day
  14. Face Your Fears Day
  15. Information Overload Day
  16. Boss’s Day
  17. Wear Something Gaudy Day
  18. Chocolate Cupcake Day/ No Beard Day
  19. Evaluate Your Life Day
  20. Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
  21. Apple Day
  22. Smart is Cool Day/ Caps Lock Day
  23. iPod Day (Tip: this also lands on #TBT)
  24. United Nations Day
  25. International Artists Day
  26. Howl At The Moon Day
  27. Navy Day
  28. Animation Day
  29. Cat Day
  30. Checklist Day
  31. Carmel Apple Day

With so many ideas to choose from, take the opportunity to tie in some fun information about your company. Whether a member of your team is a Navy veteran (October 27), you have a meat-free recipe that you swear by (October 1), or you found some blackmail-worthy pictures of your coworkers with their teddy bears (October 8), these peeks into your company’s world create an even tighter bond with your customers.

Which of these holidays do you plan on celebrating this October? Did we miss any of your favorites? Tell us in the comments.

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