3 Ways to Write Better Blogs

Jan 2021

ways_to_write_better_blogsAre you writing blogs for your business? Blogging for your website is one of the best ways to improve SEO and offer education to help your audience learn more about your area of expertise. Even if you’ve been blogging for a while, there are always ways to improve your efforts. Once you’ve got the basics down, here are 3 of our top tips to write better blogs for your business.

Expand Your Vocabulary

Sometimes when writing a large volume of articles and blogs, the voice you use can become monotonous. For members of your audience who regularly read your blogs, seeing too many repetitive words or phases can become tiresome. To keep a healthy variety in your content, work on expanding your vocabulary to write better blogs. Choose new terms and phrases that make sense for your brand voice and are approachable for readers, so that you avoid becoming too repetitive.  

Do Your Research

Regardless of whether your writing on an unfamiliar topic or something you know like the back of your hand, doing your research before writing your blogs can help you elevate the topics you choose and how you write about them. There may be breakthroughs in the industry that incorporate nicely into your piece, or different angles on the subject that you may not have considered previously. Additionally, if you’re writing on a topic you’ve covered in the past, doing ample research can help you include updated information and avoid saying the same things as you did before.

Don’t Forget Your Keywords

After you establish your brand voice, identify topics your audience is interested in, and practice writing effective blogs, it can be frustrating to see only a few people reading them. When it comes down to it, blogs without keywords are not working for you as well as they could be. Make sure you are incorporating keywords into your blog title and introductory sentences, as well as throughout your blog post. A good trick to add more keywords to your blog without overwhelming the reader is to build a boilerplate for the end of your blogs, which includes a heavier concentration of the keywords you want to rank for.


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