3 Ways to Boost Traffic With Pinterest

Sep 2016
Source: @silverbulletvacations
Source: @silverbulletvacations

Pinterest is by far one of the most visual social media platforms. With that prominence as a powerful visual search engine, comes an opportunity to utilize the platform to boost traffic to your website. Pinterest declares itself, “a visual bookmarking tool that helps you to discover and save creative ideas.” So how do you capitalize? We’ve got three ways for you to drive more traffic from your boards and posts to your website.

  1. Share Original Content

A lot of content on Pinterest is made up of repins. Uploading your own content will maximize your chance to stand out. Make sure you add links to your original content so that the audience clicks through to your website. If you want to create visually appealing pins, use simple sites like Canva. It is also beneficial to use multi-product pins, which feature more than one product in a single image. One last check – make sure your website has a ‘Pin It’ button. The “Pin It” button allows people visiting your website to pin your content on their own Pinterest.

  1. Spruce Up Your Descriptions

Make sure you properly fill out the descriptions of your pins. Yes, even those you have saved from another Pinterest user. Pin descriptions are what customers see next after discovering the initial image. You want to make sure these descriptions are informative but don’t over-share information either. After all, you want them to click to your website for more information. Using relevant keywords that are popular on Pinterest in your pin descriptions will lead you to get more traffic.

  1. Interact With Others

People often forget that Pinterest is just like every other social media site; it’s important for you to interact with others. Follow boards that relate to your business or something that your business stands for. Be sure to like pictures that are of interest and leave a comment with your input. This will allow people to see that you’re an involved, contributing member of the Pinterest community and they will want to follow you!

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