3 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Website

Nov 2015
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If your brand is using social media to drive traffic to your website, that’s great! But what kind of impression does a viewer receive when they first visit your website? Is it easy to navigate? Is there enough information to understand what your brand is all about? Your brand’s website establishes your online credibility, and it’s important to be aware of how it influences consumers.

To improve your website and gain more traction from sales or engagement, be sure to follow these three tips for success.


Create a Call to Action

A “Call to Action” is simply an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, such as “Free Trial” or “Contact Us.” According to SocialMediaToday.com, 93% of small businesses don’t list an email address on their website where customers can contact them with queries. Don’t let your website fail to connect with visitors!

Call to Action buttons increase your website’s usability. If a viewer visits your website and sees a “Contact Us” button stand out, they immediately can click on the button and be directed to a landing page where they can find an email address or fill out a contact form to reach you. This eliminates having to search through all your other pages. Remember to place your Call to Action in a location where it’s easily visible to your viewers and where it makes sense for them to click on it.


Make Your Website Responsive 

“Responsive” simply means that your website adapts its visual format based on what device a viewer is using. It’s best to optimize your website for not only desktop computers, but for phones and tablets of all sorts. It’s a simple adjustment that can have a huge impact – viewers do not want to have to squint or zoom up on a desktop format shown on their phones. You can read more on why having a responsive website matters.


Invest in a Web Designer

You may know how to write a blog, but do you really understand the best methods for optimizing your website? Investing in a web designer will put you in safer hands with a professional who can increase your site’s SEO and improve your overall web design. Web design is an art and html is a foreign language, why not trust a professional to speak both for you? Before choosing one person or company to invest in, make sure to ask for samples of websites the person or company has worked on before to have a credible idea of what quality of work you’ll be receiving.


Don’t let your website be the cause of your brand’s failure to draw in an audience. Practice these three tips and watch what happens!

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