3 Things to Consider in the Website Design Process

Sep 2023
What to Consider in the Web Design Process

Refreshing your website or building a website can seem daunting with all of the moving parts and decisions that need to be made. As a Project Manager at KWSM, my role is to make the website design process as smooth as possible for our clients, while answering any questions they may have along the way. 

What I’ve learned works best when tackling a website project is to start from the ground up, ensuring that all necessary information is gathered. In this blog I’ll share some common questions I receive during the website design process and the guidance you need to make sure your project goes smoothly. 

Here are the three common questions I get asked during the website design process:

1. What Domain and Hosting Plan Should I Use?

There are many hosting platforms you can choose, each with different features and costs involved.  The one we recommend to most of our clients is the GoDaddy ‘Launch’ package. It’s a relatively inexpensive hosting plan that works for the majority of our clients and keeps their  websites loading quickly. 

Choosing a quality hosting platform makes a noticeable difference in the security, speed, and user experience on your site. Also, having your domain and hosting in the same place (which you can with GoDaddy) ensures easy access and reliable service across the board. During our website design process at KWSM, we will determine whether switching your hosting plan is necessary. If so, we always provide guidance and hands-on assistance to ensure the safe transfer of your site.

2. Will My Site Be ADA Accessible?

When we build websites at KWSM, they are always designed using ADA accessibility guidelines. This includes high color contrast, alt text on images, and REM font settings just to name a few. We design our websites with UX, UI and ADA best practices in mind so all visitors have the best possible experience when they visit your website. Learn more about ADA best practices and how we incorporate them into our websites.

3. Can I Edit My Website Once it’s Live?

Yes, you can! After we launch a new site, we create an administrator account for our clients so that they can access the backend of their site and make edits whenever necessary. While we recommend reaching out to our web team to help with more detailed web and design requests, we can provide guidance for clients looking to make minor edits to their site. Our monthly website maintenance plan includes 1 hour of design work per month that can be utilized for minor edits to the site, such as text or team member updates. 

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We handle the complete website design process, from mockups to copy to development, so you can be confident your site is in good hands.

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