3 Social Media Content Ideas for Hotels

Apr 2013

Hotels offer an incredible opportunity for engaging your guests on social media.  However, figuring out what to post can be a struggle! Here are three real examples for inspiring your content creation!


Relate Content to Current Events

One of my most favorite hotels to stay is Hotel Indigo in Downtown San Diego.  As it turns out, they are pretty good at social media as well.  (For example, tweeting me a “welcome” message after I checked into the hotel on Foursquare)  One of the things that I like from their Facebook page is they update their cover photo often.

Here is their cover photo from earth day, showing some pictures of their rooftop herb garden.  It’s a great way to link a current event back to their business.  It’s an environmentally friendly hotel, and they found an excellent way to showcase that without being overtly promotional.  Check out the Hotel Indigo Facebook Page.

Remind Guests Why They Visit You

The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel is a short distance from the KWSM office, and they do a good job of showcasing the amenities of their resort and reminding their fans of the reasons that make their resort so wonderful.  Below is a recent post of theirs.  It’s simple, but it resonates with people.  Who wouldn’t want a drink with a view of the ocean and palm trees?  You can see more on their Facebook page.

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Highlight Your City 

Let’s be honest, as great as your hotel is, people aren’t going to be laying by your pool and eating in your restaurant for their entire stay.  Show them what is going on in your city.  The Redbury in Los Angeles does a good job at this with Instagram.  It’s a collection of pictures from around Los Angeles.  Like the one below that they posted of a sign publicizing the Academy Awards this year.  This is so easy, because as you are out and about in your city, just snap some pictures of things going on or places your guests might want to see.  It’s an easy and effective way to get people interested in coming to visit your city and stay in your hotel.  See more of their Instagram photos.

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Photo credit: @theredbury

Keep this in mind as you create content for social media: keep things simple and visual.  A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to showing off your hotel.  Also, highlight your staff.  This is something I see very little of, but is extremely effective.  Post a picture of your front desk manager, or your bartender and share what their favorite drink is or local place to visit.

Thank you for reading!  Please visit our Facebook page to learn more and connect with us.

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