Giving Your Event a Boost With Social Media

Apr 2013
Photo credit: @cmgmedia_de

Whether it’s a corporate party or a wedding, planning an event can seem like a daunting task. You may even develop a case of EPSD (Event Planning Stress Disorder). Fear not, social media is here to help give your event a boost! While Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can’t plan the event for you (yet!), here are three ways you can use them help to make it more exciting:

Involve your guests in planning. So you’ve created an event page on Facebook and clicked “invite” to all your “hoped-for” or  “they-have-to-come” guests. Time to get them involved. Perhaps you could present a couple of event themes (Corporate Luau? Work Function in the Wild West?) and have them vote on their favorite.  Or you can have them choose their favorite cocktail and feature the one that got the most votes at the party. Getting guests involved will make them feel more a part of the event process and so should enhance their enjoyment of it.

Hashtag. Create a hashtag for your event for your guests to use on Twitter or Instagram. This can be something like #DunderMifflinEvents,  #WildWestWorkFunction, or even #RachelandRossWedding. That way, when your boss is in the dunking booth or your coworker spills his drink, everyone who catches a photo on their phone can upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag attached for easy access later. They can also attach the hashtag to text tweets during the event. Perhaps something like “Never thought I’d see Stanley in a cowboy hat. Best event ever! #WildWestWorkFunction”.

Afterglow. Everybody knows that, in today’s society, people believe that experiencing an event later on the internet is just as fun (if not more) as the actual event. Thank goodness for social media. After the event, upload an album of the pictures taken during the event onto Facebook and share it with all of the attendees. You can also remind them to look up the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and sit back and smile as they laugh, recount and comment about what a great event you put on.

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