3 Marketing Tips for Orange County Businesses Operating Outdoors

Aug 2020

Orange County businesses that typically operate indoors have been forced to get creative. Many nail salons, gyms, restaurants, and more have transitioned to offering their services in temporary outdoor spaces due to recent state-mandates. If you live in Southern California, you may have driven by yoga classes at the park or people dining in parking lot spaces. 

As an Orange County business owner, how can you ensure that your customers know your doors are still open? We’ve gathered a few creative ways you can market your (temporarily) outdoor business: 


Send Out a Newsletter 

Email marketing is extremely beneficial for businesses, regardless of the company size or industry. Many companies are building email lists and wisely utilizing platforms such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact to stay connected with their audiences during this unprecedented time. 

Newsletters can help build stronger relationships with your customers, grow your audience, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately boost sales. You can communicate current health and safety precautions and any temporary changes to the way you operate. It’s also a great way to promote any discounts or sales you are currently offering, link to recent blog posts (discussed below), or share any upcoming events. 


Contribute to Your Blog

Blogging may seem time-consuming, but consistently contributing to a blog on your website works wonders for your business, especially while navigating through these state-mandated closures. Blogging can help increase traffic and sales while expanding your brand’s online presence. You can utilize your blog to communicate with your audiences and show that you are a thought leader in the industry. 

We suggest using your blog as a platform to show off your creativity. Interview customers or clients and have them share stories of their recent experience attending an outdoor gym class or their dining experience on your temporary patio. Share industry-related tips. Address frequently asked questions from recent customers. Provide a resource for your audience outside of the content that lives on your main website. 


Utilize Your Social Media

This may seem obvious, but many businesses still don’t utilize social media to its full potential. How often do you look up a restaurant or other business on Instagram or Facebook only to find out that they rarely post updates on their channels? Especially during this time, telling stories and providing updates for your audience can keep them engaged. 

Share photos and videos of customers enjoying their time in your new outdoor space. Post recent testimonials of great experiences. Highlight employees who have gone above and beyond for your team and clients during these difficult transitions. Your social media is a platform for your brand’s voice to stand out in the competitive digital marketing space


As the second half of this year still remains unpredictable, it’s important that businesses adapt their digital marketing strategies in our changing world. 


Does your Orange County business need help developing an effective marketing strategy during this transition?

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