3 Custom Ad Audiences You Can Use to Shake Up your Facebook Ad Results

Apr 2018

Stuck in a Facebook rut? If you’ve stuck to traditional interest-based targeting for your Facebook ads, it might feel like you’re running out of ideas or new people to target with your ads. If the audience you’ve been using hasn’t been converting the way that is was, or the way you had hoped, it might be time to change things up! There are a wide variety of targeting methods outside of the common interest targeting strategy. These audiences are warmer, more familiar with your brand, and more likely to convert into sales or customers. The best part? You already have access to these audiences, and you didn’t even know it. If you’re looking to put a new spin on your Facebook ads, give these three custom ad audiences a shot.


Friends of Fans  

Do you know why social media is so successful? It’s because of the power of social proof. If your friend recommended a restaurant they liked, would you be more likely to give it a try for your next date night or family dinner? It works the same online! When you target “friends of people who like your page” Facebook will not only show your ad to your fans’ Facebook friends, it will alert the user that their friends like this particular Facebook page. This establishes trust between the user and this new potential customer will be more to explore your product or service because someone they know in real life is considered a fan of yours. If they are friends with someone you’ve done business with, they might have similar interests or needs as your previous client.



People Who Have Engaged with Your Page

Targeting fans of your Facebook page is a method that many online marketers use to reconnect with their built-in audience, but not all fans are created equal. Instead, target those who have engaged with your page. If someone is commenting on your posts or liking your companies photos regularly, they will be much more likely to convert than someone who simply opted in and forgot about your company. These fans are warm and are showing interest in the content you have to offer!


Email Lists

Facebook targeting expands further than just your fans and followers on the site, it has the ability to target customers who have done business with you before who will be more likely to purchase your new product or service since they are already comfortable with your brand. You can create your own custom audience by uploading an email list into Facebook. This list can be composed of potential leads, previous customers, or even referrals you haven’t been able to convert through email marketing. Facebook will then use the information you provided to find the Facebook profile that matches this contact information and put your ad out in front of them. They’ve already opted into receiving more information from you by providing you with their email! Now you can utilize this to reach them on a whole new platform.


There’s no reason you should be constrained to Facebook’s traditional interest targeting when there are so many other ways you could be reaching your audience. Test out these new ad targets to unlock a whole new world of potential customers. Your future clients are out there; you just need to know how to reach them. For more information about how Katie Wagner Social Media can help you reach the audience you’re looking for, take a look at our services here.

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