3 Common Facebook Live Mistakes To Avoid

Apr 2017
Photo Credit: @JeffMindell

Ready, set, action! Since Facebook Live appeared on our Newsfeeds, we’ve been able to see many companies use the video feature in a variety of creative ways. From polling audiences in real-time with the use of Reactions to broadcasting the behind the scenes of an exciting company event, Facebook Live is a valuable tool to launch products, announce contest winners, and host live talk shows.


And while all of these are great uses for the feature, it’s important to have a foundational understanding of how to create a successful Facebook Live video before you hit that record button—starting with which mistakes to avoid.


Not Making An Announcement


Quiet on the set! When the camera’s rolling, staying quiet is key to keeping the focus on your subject. If you’re chatting away in the background while filming, it can certainly be disruptive, however, the pitfall here comes before you even go live. It’s important to make an announcement to your team that you will be going live before you do. Without this knowledge, a team member may try to engage you in conversation while the camera’s rolling, interrupting the video and confusing your viewers. If you’re using Facebook Live around people who are not a part of your team, be sure they know as well as a courtesy. The last thing anyone wants is to be caught unaware on camera!


Dropping Low On Power


Hit the lights! It’s not typical for Facebook Live videos to have stellar lighting and a professional set, so you shouldn’t worry about a professional set up— but if there’s one thing you can’t let dim, it’s your battery life. Live-streaming videos can bring the beat down on your phone’s battery; so be sure to bring back up and have a portable charger on hand. The last thing you’d want is to fully drain your battery and cut off the live-stream to your audience. Remember, we’re trying to fill seats, not shut down the show!


Losing Touch With Your Connection


Try and connect with the camera! No, literally, ensure that Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable before going live. One of the most common mistakes people make when filming Facebook Live videos is not establishing a strong connection to their network, especially in a new or unfamiliar setting. A poor connection can cause your live-stream to pause, glitch, or even disconnect completely. To prevent this, have the Wi-Fi password ready in case the connection is lost—you’ll be able to quickly reconnect and start filming again.


Now that you’re aware of the Facebook Live pitfalls, it’s time for you to get in on the action yourself! Check out these tips for your next Facebook live-stream!






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