21 Throwback Thursday Content Ideas For Your Business

Jul 2014

21 Throwback Thursday Content Ideas For Your BusinessWho doesn’t like a picture from the past? The nostalgia factor alone is enough to bring people together for a moment during their busy days.

Throwback Thursday, or “TBT” is one of the most popular social media trends. Designated with a simple hashtag (#TBT), millions of users use every Thursday to post photos that are from weeks to decades ago. As a general rule of thumb, a photo should be at least a year old to get the full effect.

Businesses can also get in on the action and use this popular movement to bring a human element to their brand. While the best throwback photos contain people, there are different types of content that will work by simply taking a snapshot with your camera.

Here are 21 things you can share on your social media channels for Throwback Thursday:

  1. Childhood photos of employees
  2. Baby photos
  3. Family photos
  4. First client/customer
  5. First headshots
  6. First office
  7. Office blueprints
  8. First logo draft
  9. Old website
  10. First official business cards
  11. Cover of your original business plan
  12. Previous year’s holiday card
  13. Previous year’s company retreat
  14. First dollar(s) made
  15. Old office phone, computer, fax machine, copier etc.
  16. First business trip
  17. An event you hosted
  18. The time you met someone famous
  19. First official employee you hired
  20. First press mention
  21. Awards

Many of these different content ideas can be utilized over and over again. For example, you can share the different variations of your business cards over the course of a month or two. Or you can share your annual company picnic photo from last year the same week the event is schedule for this year.

When posting your throwback photo, don’t forget use descriptive language and hashtag it (#TBT or #ThrowBackThursday) on channels like Twitter and Instagram. If you are sharing an old photo of a client, tag them in the photo as well for more engagement and reach.

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