Best Targeting Techniques for Facebook Advertising


Once you’ve established a presence for your brand online and on social media, you might consider Facebook advertising. Facebook advertising is a unique beast and differs from traditional PPC ads. As a Facebook advertiser, you are creating posts that are not just compelling and eye-catching, but are grabbing the attention of the right users; the user who will be interested enough to stop what they are doing and click on your ad. With Facebook advertising, it all comes down to who you target. If you can connect with an interested audience, you can drive them to your website and convert these Facebook users into clients and buyers.

Targeting By Interest

Imagine your ideal client. What interests them? What are their hobbies? Build a personality for this client. Once you’ve done that, target them by those interests in your Facebook ad. One of Facebook’s targeting options works by showing your ad to like-minded individuals who might be intrigued because it relates to their personal interests. It doesn’t have to directly relate to your industry, but instead, can serve as a personality trait of your ideal client.

Targeting by Financial Resources

Your audience might be interested in your services or product, but if it is out of their price range, the probability of this lead converting to sales is slim. With Facebook targeting, you can instruct the platform to show your ad to users who fall within a certain income level or have a particular net worth. This is particularly beneficial for ads involving services that are closely tied to affordability.

Targeting by Demographic

Age, gender, and location all matter when selling online. Sometimes, your services are restricted to a specific part of the country; sometimes, you know your product will only appeal to a limited age group. Use these demographics to narrow your audience and ensure the right people are being served your ad, in addition to their preferred interests.   

Targeting by Industry

Field of study, occupation, and employers are all targeting options you have when creating your ad. You can tell a lot about a person’s interests and purchasing habits by the industry they work in – use this to your advantage. Target professionals you believe will benefit from your services.

Getting specific with your ad targets will ensure you are reaching potential buyers, not just Facebook users who were distracted by an engaging photo. Driving traffic to your website and increasing awareness are important, but it’s the sales that will grow your revenue. Sometimes, Facebook knows you better than you know yourself, and its detailed ad targeting offers a great advantage for your ad dollars. Facebook targeting applies to more than just advertising. To ensure you’re connecting with the right audience on social media, check out these 4 steps here.

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