3 Ways You Can Grab Your Audience’s Attention This Labor Day

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You know summer is over once the Labor Day commercials start rolling in. Oh yeah, it’s that time of year again, and before you know it, we’ll be dressing up for Halloween, and binge eating for Thanksgiving. Labor Day is a major holiday for businesses. Who said the consumers get to have all the fun hosting picnics and barbecues?

Host your final summer hurrah through a marketing campaign. It’s not too late; we’re bringing you easy-to-plan Labor Day marketing moves to engage your customers.


Dish Out the Discounts

Drop those prices a bit and let your customers enjoy a few discounts. It’s perfect for the back-to-school season, whether your audience contains college students or parents. Be mindful of how you announce the sale though. Social media posts and email subject lines that just say ‘Labor Day Sale’ won’t stand out in the inbox or newsfeed. Get creative with copy and opt for, “No Labor Day Plans? No Problem…” or “Get the Party Started at our 40% off Labor Day Sale.”


Throw an End of Summer Bash

Speaking of getting the party started; host an event for your customers. Grab a few light snacks, some drinks, set up a few raffles or prizes and there you have it. Invite your guests to come into your store, shop and enjoy the goodies. You can even give away a prize to the 1st, 50th and 100th customers of the day.

Hide items around the store and have a scavenger hunt if a lot of children frequent your store. There are endless low-key, yet fun ideas you can set up for your customers. And if you want to make it an even bigger bash, partner with another local business and share customers. Just be sure to start getting the word out as soon as possible, so you’re the first stop in your customer’s day.

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Who doesn’t love a good contest? There’s fun in playing the game, and then there’s a prize at the end. Your contest ultimately depends on what works for your brand, but here are three ideas to inspire you:

  1. Party Photo Contest: Ask customers to share photos of their families celebrating Labor Day and have your followers choose the winner with the most likes.
  2. Labor Photo Contest: Have followers share funny photos of them hard at work, whether they’re doing housework, schoolwork or they’re on the job.
  3. Product Photo: Prompt customers to use one of your products in a creative way and post videos/pictures on your page.


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