3 Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship With Your Followers

Photo Credit: @peabodyandsassafras

It happens to the best of us. You follow your social media schedule, you’re frequently posting on all platforms, and your images are the highest of quality. So why aren’t your followers engaging, you may ask. We hate to say it, but they may be a bit bored. Not to worry, there are three actions you can take to rekindle the spark in your relationship.

Live Videos

Sure you’ve posted a few videos on Facebook and Instagram now and then, but it’s not always enough to keep your audience entertained. Use Facebook Live to host a Q&A, stream events or reveal product news. You’re breaking down the corporate barriers and making a more personal connection to your audience, which they will appreciate. Even better, you’ll be able to see their comments in real time and respond accordingly. People want to relate to the brands they support and get to know what’s behind the scenes, so be as candid as possible while staying professional.


Who can pass up a freebie? Hosting a giveaway can send your engagement soaring if it’s done with your audience in mind. Make sure your freebie is something your audience will actually enjoy; this will entice them to participate. Think of your demographic when deciding what you’ll ask of them and keep the task simple and fun. Whether you’re asking your audience to share a picture or a silly secret, their followers will see it and be compelled to participate as well. A giveaway can mean snagging a loyal customer. Consumers can be skeptics, and sometimes they’re not willing to pay for a product without falling in love with it first. Some of your followers might enjoy the giveaway so much that they’ll spread the word, sending more followers your way.

Invite a Guest Influencer

Shake things up a bit and surprise your audience with a popular guest that they also follow. We’ve seen the fashion and beauty industry use this form of influencer marketing continuously, and it works like a charm. Your influencer will tell his/her followers about the social takeover and invite them to tag along for the day, ultimately increasing your audience. Consumers also take pleasure in knowing that their favorite influencer supports one of their favorite brands. There’s a reason why Michelle Obama’s J. Crew dresses always sells out in a matter of minutes. Your chosen influencer should be someone a large portion of your audience follows, and his/her content should be in line with your brand. If you’re running a real estate agency try snagging someone with serious interior design skills, or maybe you own a restaurant, there are many popular foodies in the blogosphere to engage with.

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