How to Use Twitter Trending Hashtags to Grow your Company Account

Feb 2017

In today’s online world, if it’s timely and topical…it’s trending! But how can your company capitalize on these time-sensitive hashtags? By utilizing the most popular trending topics, your company can create conversations and encourage clickthroughs with other Twitter users online. Bring awareness to your company’s Twitter by using trending hashtags to create content in a new and out-of-the-box way!

Find Your Niche

One way to use trending hashtags is to pick out the tags that are relevant to your specific audience and start interacting! You should be checking Twitter at least once a day to see if there are any conversations being had with users you view as your target audience. Then get busy! Join in on the conversation and make genuine comments that reflect your business and your brand. This will not only increase awareness about your company, it will put your account in front of potential clients and customers who could be interested in what you have to offer.

Get Creative

If the trending hashtags seems completely irrelevant to your brand, don’t count it out. If you look at these topics with a creative and open eye, you can come up with interesting and unique ways to make the hashtag relevant to you. This will put your message in front of everyone searching the popular hashtag, but will still keep your tweets on brand and focused on your original message.

Practice Social Listening

If you’re monitoring hashtags that are relevant to your company, then you are social listening! Social listening is about hearing what your audience is saying, understanding how they feel, and knowing what they need. By observing what your audience is saying through trending topics, you can learn more about what your audience is interested in and what their frustrations are, which you can then implement into your social strategy, and your business as a whole.

With a creative twist, you can find a way to include most trending topics in content for your company’s Twitter. Whether you are using these hashtags to create different and eye-catching content for your audience, or you are using relevant hashtags to engage with your audience, the Twitter trending topics section can be beneficial and help to expand and grow your company’s Twitter following. While the number of followers can be a great way to measure your success on social media, having a quality following doesn’t always mean big numbers. Read more about what it means to have a quality following on social media.





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