3 Social Media Tips for Tattoo Shops


Tattoo shops are visually driven organizations. So it would be a shame if they weren’t using social media to promote their business. Let’s talk about three social media channels and how tattoo artists can use them to reach their target audience.

Facebook is the current most popular social media channel. If you do not already have a Facebook fan page for your business, it is highly recommended.  Once you have a Facebook fan page established, use the ability to upload photos to your advantage. Since you more than likely have multiple artists that make up your business, create an album for each of them. You can title each album the name of the artist or something that closely identifies with them.

The key is to keep each album active. Make sure to have the artists take photos of their daily work and share it on the Facebook page. Upload each artist’s photos directly into their personal album. This way, your audience can build personal relationships with the work of each artist.

Pinterest is a fast growing social media channel that allows users to create virtual boards, pin and repin things they love.

There are a lot of people on Pinterest that love tattoos. Since users can search for specific things on Pinterest, take the opportunity to showcase your shop’s work.  Let’s take the Facebook album concept and tweak it a bit.

With Pinterest, you are going to create a board for each style of tattoos. Since Pinterest is also a place to share other’s ideas, create a board of work that catches your eye. You can also create boards of your favorite artists and their work. This is a way of networking with other artists while expanding your audience.

Instagram is a social media channel that allows you to take a photo, apply a filter, and share it with your followers. Currently, over 100 million users are on Instagram. As a tattoo artist, you want to be posting work multiple times a day on Instagram. There is not a way to segregate photos into albums, so make sure to tag the artist if he or she is on Instagram.

Also, take advantage of hashtags that are relevant to the photograph. By hashtagging “tattoo,” you will expose your photo to users that are searching for photos of tattoos. You can market to people in your area bye using hashtags of your location for example – “#latattoo” for Los Angeles tattoo. This will attract people who are looking for tattoos in the LA area.

Tattooing is a very creative process. Hopefully now you are ready to get creative with marketing your business on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let the photos begin!



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