2 Benefits of Twitter’s New Explore Feature

Are you always searching for the latest trending topic or looking for a better video presence on Twitter? We’re living in a world where everything is virtually on-demand, so it is no surprise that Twitter is exploring innovative ways to remain on the forefront of news and events regionally and internationally. Among its other features, users will be able to access Explore as a one-stop-shop for trending information.

Excited about the unveiling? Here are a couple of the Explore feature’s benefits:

Simplified searching

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With the recent debut of its new Explore tab, which will consolidate Twitter moments under the tab, the content-limited social channel aims to please trending hashtag enthusiasts and video viewers alike with the enhanced simplicity of searching. Explore now houses Trends, Search, Moments and Explore All in one convenient location. Each has a preview of the top listings, and you can tap “more” to view a longer list. There’s no doubt the consolidation of these features makes content discovery more straightforward for users who routinely search for headlines of the day, trending topics, and video.

Enhanced visibility

Photo caption: Twitter

One of the primary goals of Explore is to centralize access to all the features that help you find out what’s happening under a larger header. Part of that goal results in improved visibility for the popular live streaming events its viewership cares about. For example, the Explore All section shows categories that include: NFL, News, Sports, Entertainment, and Fun. Categories are always changing and will most likely switch out based on time of year and location.

If you are looking to see what is trending on Twitter, you will now find it at the top of the Explore section. Through the Explore tab, live-streaming will be at the forefront, with Twitter prominently promoting such events as The Super Bowl, presidential addresses, red carpet pre-shows, and other important news events it continues to bring to its service through a constant stream of partnership deals.


The Explore tab is currently available on iOS and will be soon for the Android operating system.

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