Testing Your Website’s Speed To Keep Your Conversions High

Testing Your Website’s Speed To Keep Your Conversions High

It’s no secret that your website’s loading speed is the key to getting conversions. No matter how great your social strategy is, if your potential customers are forced to wait for a slow site to load, they won’t stay.

Consumers give a site between 3-5 seconds to load before they head elsewhere, but the average website load time for mobile users is 15 seconds. That massive gap is a drain on countless websites, and you want to make sure yours isn’t one of them.

Testing your website speed is vital, and thankfully, it’s also extremely easy. There are numerous speed testing tools available to you. We recommend that you select your favorite one, bookmark it, and use it to test your site regularly. Here are three tools to check out:



Pingdom is a highly regarded tool. A big part of Pingdom’s success is the simplicity behind it. It has a surprisingly deep suite of options, but for those just looking for a simple speed test, it’s a perfect fit.

Pingdom gives you the option to test from four different locations, allowing you to test for the audience closest to you, and the furthest away. While you want to pay closest attention to the closest location, if you have an international audience, testing from different regions can be helpful.

The results are simple, using letter grades to judge your performance, and the information breakdown is clearly laid out and explained.


Website Speed Test (Image Analysis Tool)

Your website needs to be visually appealing and attention-grabbing. That means you have high-resolution images and videos on your page. While that’s wonderful for the consumers visiting your page, it can be a beast in terms of load times.

Website Speed Test Image Analysis Tool has a bulky name, but it is actually simple to use and gives you a different perspective from a simple speed test. You will get a reading of each image and video you have and a reading for each image gauging size, its effect on speed, and how much compressing it could help in terms of load times.

While this tool specifically tracks images, those images are going to account for the majority of your load time and being given directions on how to reduce that load is invaluable.


SEO Site Checkup

Your website’s load time isn’t just about user experience; it’s about your Google rankings as well. SEO should always be a focus, and that load time can have a huge effect on how Google ranks your page. The longer the load, the lower you will be pushed.

SEO Site Checkup takes a holistic look at your website. It checks numerous factors that impact your site’s performance, as well as highlighting how each metric is helping or hurting your search ranking. This can help you aim your time and resources in a way that will yield the best results.

Remember to take the time and test your site periodically, especially after any updates. Keeping an eye on your load time will not only give users a better experience, but will also raise your search rankings and your conversions as well.


Website speed is incredibly valuable, to the degree that 79% of online shoppers say they won’t go back to a website if they have struggled with its load speeds.

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