Social Media Bootcamp: Strategies and Tools for Small Business Owners

It’s that time of year again: Social Media Bootcamp is upon us! With a fresh start for the year ahead, we think it’s time to take your digital marketing efforts from the ‘loathe’ to the ‘love’ category!

After many years of instructing small business owners, one thing has been made abundantly clear: social media can be intimidating. Never fear, folks! Our month-long bootcamp series (available on a class-by-class basis) on “The Big Four” (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn) will leave you with all the tools and strategies to effectively manage your social media marketing.


Right off the bat, Bootcampers are hit with the big gun: Facebook. Ideally, campers will have already created their account, however, even if they’ve not completed this step, our Content Editors are on standby to help answer any questions. From there, attendees learn everything from what photos work best as profile pictures and cover photos, to networking strategies with other business pages and what type of materials generate good content. At the end of the day, Bootcampers are encouraged to create sample posts utilizing all the tools they now have at their disposal.


One of the most popular concepts discussed in all of Bootcamp is hashtags. During the course of our Twitter workshop, you’ll gain an understanding of how hashtags work, why they are important, and how to leverage unique hashtags to create a brand identity or promote an event. Additionally, finding who to network with on Twitter is a big topic of discussion, as this channel does not delineate between celebrities and average Joes. Therefore, finding ways to connect with your true audience on Twitter so that you see the most ROI for your time is an essential takeaway.


LinkedIn is an invaluable tool when your business relies heavily on professional networking for business referrals. In addition, it can also be a great resource for recruiting, as the channel allows users to post their resume, receive endorsements from friends and coworkers, and even post writing or presentation samples. In our LinkedIn course, you will learn how to set up your company page or personal profile, and how to publish posts to your profile and the Pulse, LinkedIn’s internal digital publication. Similar to applying for a small business license, establishing your company on LinkedIn cements its place in the market and provides legitimacy and transparency to your business.


Within YouTube, there are two key points to remember: optimization and organization. Master these two skills, and YouTube becomes a much easier channel to manage. Because YouTube is owned by Google and has all the search capabilities of its big brother, you can optimize your videos using keywords to ensure they show up higher in a search, thereby increasing your likelihood of views. Once videos have been uploaded, the organization becomes essential so that your viewers can consume your videos in a logical, easy to digest manner. Creating playlists helps your channel look more polished and encourages viewers to watch multiple videos at a time.

Still not sure if Bootcamp is right for you? Check out the testimonials and teasers on our YouTube channel!

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