Overdoing it on Social Media

Yes, it can be done.

You know the old adage, less is more? Well, it applies on social media too!

When first starting on social media, it’s easy to get pumped and excited about this new digital terrain where you have all the power imaginable. A little too easy, in fact, to the point where you might be overdoing it.

Here are the top three “you’re overdoing it!” mistakes  I witness most often on social media:

1. Posting Too Often

Facebook sorts its stories according to its own algorithm, so even though you might be spacing out your posts every couple of hours, your content might not show up this way on people’s feeds. In fact, your fans might see a huge chunk of your posts dominating their feed (yikes, how obnoxious!). Or worse, if you are not getting adequate engagement, Facebook might even think you’re being spammy, and consequently decrease your visibility on newsfeeds.


We recommend posting 2-3 quality posts per day. More than that can be overbearing, which can result in the consequences listed above.


2. Writing Too Much

I see many people writing paragraphs and paragraphs in their Facebook posts. These posts are probably filled with great information and insight, but chances are, many people won’t read them. Why? Because it’s just too much text!


Craft your content and say less. 


3. Using too Many Hashtags

Hashtagging is perhaps the most abused “feature” of social media. People use hashtags to increase their SEO, or in layman’s terms, to increase the visibility of their content, like their Instagram photos or Tweets. However, many people abuse hashtags and go overboard—they end up putting # in front of every word on their caption or tweet, or listing out every hashtag imaginable known to man. I’m just going to say it: Overhashtagging can make you look foolish, period.


Hashtag only what is relevant and necessary. Also, avoid hashtags on Facebook all together—they’re useless there.


Are you guilty of any of these?






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  1. Michael Kamleitner

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