LinkedIn Takes on Facebook To Provide The Best Content Insights

There is no doubt that LinkedIn has established itself as the most powerful business and professional networking platform, but its analytics have been lacking, especially when compared to giant Facebook.

But that’s all about to change!

Meanwhile, Facebook is beefing up its advertising options with new template options, and Instagram is rolling out new direct response ads within its popular “Stories” feature in this week’s social media trends!

Facebook Expands Ad Services

Photo Credit: Facebook

Advertisers, are you ready to take your Facebook ads to the next level?

The social giant’s new plug-and-play template is just what you’ve been waiting for, giving you what you need to push sales with less effort and faster loading time.

So what exactly are these new ‘Canvas Ads’ and how can they help you get the job done?

The new ads, which debuted last week, consist of three templates that advertisers can easily utilize to create ‘cookie cutter’ ads that will require shorter loading time and can even be used as an incentive to get users to click through to a shoppable online catalog of products, helping put your products where you need them most.

How can you make the most of these new exciting options?

Instagram Launches New Direct Response Ads

 Chances are you’ve seen clickable links in some of the Instagram Stories that have popped up in your feed recently.

Photo Credit: @TheNextWeb

If you’re like us, you’re asking, “How the heck can we do that?!”

Instagram has heard our pleas, officially rolling out Direct Response Ad options for the masses within ‘Stories.”

The new feature will allow for either a vertical photo or a short video. When clicked will reveal options such as “Shop Now,” “Sign up,” or “Watch More.”

LinkedIn Delivers Deeper Insights

Photo Credit: @Gregory_Mancel

LinkedIn is getting serious about its analytics to give you more insight.

The social platform is set to release a quarterly report, giving members an in-depth overview of what topics Linkedin users are interacting with the most.

The new feature will provide a break down of the highest trending topics at a given time, as well as popular keywords and more.

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