Instagram Story Stickers To Use For Your Business

Today, consumers have a world of resources at their fingertips to help them buy products and services online. As more brands establish a strong social media presence on Instagram, it’s not enough to only post on the feed anymore.


Instagram Stories were created for users and businesses to openly share moments of their day with their followers. Users love stories because they’re a playful yet authentic sneak-peek into your business.


Instagram has created multiple features for stories called “stickers” that allow businesses the opportunity to get creative and engage with their audience. With the right strategy, stories can successfully grow your community and grow your business. 


Use these Instagram Story stickers to help boost your brand’s visual story: 


Shoppable Tags

Instagram is working to create a more consumer-friendly platform. With in-app shopping available, their efforts to provide a seamless shopping experience has allowed for businesses to use product tags in stories. 


Tagging products in your stories is a great way to organically promote your products or services. Unlike swipe-up links, you don’t need to have a verified account or 10,000 followers to use product tags. 


Put your store within a finger’s reach by creating a story that highlights your tagged product.  



Polls are a great feature to collect feedback on products or services, crowdsource ideas, and engage with your followers. When a user votes on a poll, they will immediately see the results of the current votes. If you are the one posting the story, you will be able to see what each user voted for. 


With polls, you have the opportunity to gather valuable information from your audience. Therefore, it’s important to ask the right questions and let your audience know you are listening.


Once the poll has been posted for 24 hours, be sure to share the results with your followers. 





While polls allow users to vote on the questions your brand submits, the questions feature gives the power to the audience. Users are able to send in a question, and brands can answer those questions by posting their reply within a story.  


Consider hosting an “ask our team” question with a well-known person at your company to create a more transparent relationship with your online audience. 


Or, reverse the equation and use the sticker to ask your audience a question that will provide you with insightful feedback, like what they think of your latest product or how they are using it.


Questions is a great feature to show you care about your consumers’ concerns and needs. Open the floor for them to ask whatever they want and make them feel valued by sharing your answer.





If your brand has an upcoming occasion such as a sale, product or service launch, or event, use the countdown sticker to help promote the exact date and time it is going to occur. This light-hearted approach to share exciting news from your business gives your audience a subtle reminder of what your business is up to, without coming off sales-y.


With a countdown sticker, your followers can then subscribe to the event, which will send them a reminder when the time has come, and your countdown is complete. 






In today’s social media landscape, it is crucial to maximize every aspect of the platforms your business is using. 



Facebook states that 500 million accounts visit Instagram Stories daily. 

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