Instagram Shares Secret Algorithm while Facebook Adds New Requirement for Brands

This week in social media, Instagram finally shares how its algorithm works, while Facebook makes updates to its live streaming feature, and implements a new requirement that gives it more plausible deniability of the misuse of contact info ad targeting.


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Instagram’s Feed Algorithm Unveiled

Ever since Instagram introduced its mysterious algorithm that replaced its chronological order of its feed, users have been asking non-stop the last two years for its return. Well, it’s time to officially say goodbye to that possibility. Instagram just revealed why its algorithm is good for the platform and the brands on it.  Similar to other popular social networking sites, the more ads that are seen, the higher the revenue for Instagram.


According to Recode, Instagram claims people see 90% of posts from their friends and family as opposed to 50% with the chronological feed As a result, people are spending more time in the app because they are seeing more important posts that they would otherwise miss.


Contact Info Ad Targeting Requires Consent

Facebook is at it again with another requirement from advertisers to avoid another privacy policy scandal. While Facebook has offered Custom Audiences since 2012, but hasn’t done much to ensure proper consent of contact information used to target ads. Starting July 2nd, businesses that upload email addresses or phone numbers for ad targeting will have to confirm that they received proper use consent from them, one of their partners or both.


According to Tech Crunch, Facebook will show advertisers reminders that they need consent for contact info ad targeting and have an “Original Data Source” field asking who collected the contact information. Custom Audiences is one of Facebook’s most valuable revenue generators, and a scandal related to it could prove detrimental to the company. By relying on a company’s integrity, Facebook can deny liability should a scandal occur.


Live Rewind Announcement Quietly Launched

From users filming concerts to live sports broadcasted from big networks, everyone has taken a bite out of the popular Facebook Live feature since it launched in 2015. Facebook is now allowing users to rewind Facebook Live broadcasts during streaming according to Digital Trends. Previously, we had to wait until the live stream had ended to rewind if we missed something. The live stream will continue, so if you choose rewind, you will have to either miss something to catch back up or watch in delay to see the entire broadcast.


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