Inside KWSM: How to Maximize Your Performance

Personal growth is important at KWSM: a digital marketing agency. While we are always sharpening our professional skills, Our President, Katie Wagner, also encourages an environment of personal growth.

Last Friday, we welcomed Chris King to the office to be our guest speaker for the day. As part of the KWSM culture, we invite other business professionals to give quarterly presentations that can better our team both personally and professionally. Chris is an Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator. We spent the afternoon learning about the tools, psychology, and the neuroscience of achieving high performance in many aspects of our lives.

What We Learned

From a young age, we formed our belief system, and it factors into a series of consequences that include our thoughts, feelings, actions, and the results they all produce. It’s human nature to have negative thoughts about yourself, but how you use them affects your everyday life, including your work.  We learned that if you can recognize “negative” traits as unique gifts that only you have, you can turn them into positives. Chris encouraged us to ask ourselves how we can use those traits to better our existence each and every day. The first step to getting more done is to own the language we use and then identify the excuses. Once we take responsibility for what’s not getting done, we can prioritize and hold ourselves accountable. Rather than thinking ‘I didn’t have time’… productivity depends on thinking ‘I didn’t make time,’ and then changing it!

Chris used a flight analogy that says for a plane to fly its lift and thrust should be greater than its weight and drag. Evaluating what the drag is in your life will shift your productivity and more importantly create work and days that are filled with systems that are based on your individual beliefs. Also, identifying what gives you lift can help fuel you and keep you positive.

How We’re Going To Use It

When it comes to our business, time management is important to our success.  But not everyone manages time the same way. Using different tools and resources to achieve “the power of flow” will help us handle clients, meetings, and our personal lives flawlessly.

Tools  include:

  • Structuring your day (the day before!)
  • Time blocking
  • Setting boundaries
  • Engaging in hobbies to fuel you
  • Silence
  • Take vacation – and come back ready to roll
  • Meditation   

Any time we get to take an hour of our day to learn how to do more for our clients and improve our personal lives, we try to soak every bit.  This knowledge helps us to continue to be a driven and diverse team.

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