How to Add Tagged Locations on Old Instagrams

Have you ever been frustrated with trying to tag a location on Instagram?

Users may type in the location they want to add in their post, but how do you make sure Instagram draws the correct location on the globe? You may type “Eiffel Tower, Paris” but if you just click on the first blue option that matches that title, you may find the actual pin-dropped location on the map is for someone in New York who tagged the Eiffel Tower instead of the physical location in Paris, France.

Why to Tag Location on Photos

The location feature is great for travel-related posts, or businesses that hold special events. Do not use a tagged location for your office all the time, but you may use them for posts where it increases your credibility by showing your various visited locations. For example, fitness bloggers may tag the different outdoor locations where they go running or exercise outdoors.

It’s important to remember to keep the location blank when posting photos that you do not want tagged locations on, such as photos you post for your business while sitting at home or product photos that do not pertain to a specific location.

Tagging Location on Old Photos

Instagram has recently added the ability to edit old posts to add a tagged location. In the past, by “Creating location,” you could set your location with whatever name you chose – but it did not become a pin-dropped location on the world map. Now, if you would like your old photos to appear on your photo map, you can edit your photo.

Here are a few simple steps for the easiest way to edit the location on an old photo:


First, on your profile page, click on a photo you would like to edit.

Second, click on the three dots in the bottom right hand corner and then choose “Edit.”

Depending on whether your photo already has a location assigned to it, you can either “Add Location” or “Change Location.” If you simply want to delete a location and not add another, then choose “Remove Location.”

Next, click on “Add Location” and type in the location you would like to assign to the photo. Try finding one that has the city or an address along with it, as well as proper spelling and capitalization. Simply click on the location you wish to assign to your photo, and you’re done!


To check that you assigned an accurate pin-dropped location, click on the blue tagged location and Instagram should then pull up the search results of the exact location on the world map. If it shows Big Ben in London, England, for example, and you see lots of other users’ photos of the same site, then you have successfully found the correctly tagged location.

To learn more about editing features on Instagram, read about how to untag yourself on Instagram.

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