Hello My Name Is Nametag; I’m The Newest Instagram Feature

Hello, my name is Taylor, and this week I’m going to discuss Instagram’s newest feature; Nametag. This might sound familiar as Snapchat has a very similar tool on its platform. Nametag on Instagram allows you to connect with new followers with a simple screen share.

About Me

Previously when you met a new friend, colleague, or acquaintance you would have to search for them organically with their real name or ask them for their Instagram handle. As we know, handles can be creative and intricate, which often causes confusion. With the new Nametag feature, you now can scan someone’s Nametag with your camera, and it will automatically pull up their account to follow. Not only can you scan someone’s’ Nametag, but you can customize your own with stickers, emojis, colors, and even images for users to follow you.

Getting Started

Want to try it out? You will need two phones for this demonstration.


  1. Tap the far right icon on Instagram to be directed to your profile.
  2. Tap the top right icon of the three lines to open more options.
  3. Select the first icon labeled Nametag.
  4. Customize (not required).
  5. At the bottom select “Scan a nametag” or “Go to your nametag.”
  6. Then scan and follow

That’s not all, you don’t have to be with someone in person to use this new feature. You can use the Share Button in the top right-hand corner of your Nametag screen to see all of your options including texting it, sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, and even email.

Using the new feature could help lead to new followers for your business or brand. The more people that follow you, the better chance they have to land on your website.

Did you know that 75% of small to medium-sized U.S. business websites lack an email link on their home page for consumers to contact the business?  

How well does your website tell your story? Today’s consumers expect to have a flawless experience on the Internet. They want to shift seamlessly from their mobile devices to their laptops without ever missing a beat.  Your website must be ready.

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