Flaunt Your Company’s Façade on Google

This week businesses are getting a boost in the way their companies are portrayed and advertised, courtesy of the social media mavericks. You may want to make sure you vacuum the carpets before you try Google’s latest feature and Twitter is helping businesses around the world market their products. As an added bonus, a handful of tech titans are teaming up to challenge the way you watch videos.


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Google Goes 360

Your company can now post 360-degree photos alongside the existing ones on Google Maps. On Thursday the search site announced this major new update to Google’s Mobile Street View App. With the new feature your business can give customers a clearer image of what to expect before they walk through your front door. The tool works with any cellphone that has Google’s photo sphere stitching technology. Under the new explore section you can find your photo next to the official content from Google. Experts say this new tool is great for business who want to show off their interiors.

Twitter Expands Self-Service Ads

On Wednesday the San Francisco based company revealed an expansion that will help small and medium sized businesses around the world. More than 200 countries and territories can now use the self-service advertising platform; before only 33 countries could get a hold of the technology. The social media giant first unveiled “Twitter Ads for SMBs” roughly two years ago and allows companies to instantly run Twitter ad campaigns without an account representative. Some of the new countries that can utilize this tool include Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Costa Rica, and Iceland.

Tech Giants Team Up

It sounds like something straight out of a comic book; the world’s biggest tech companies are joining together for your viewing pleasure. According to Wired and Mashable, some of your favorite online companies are forming an alliance to create and support an open-source, royalty-free video format for all to use. The pioneers for this project include Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Cisco, and Mozilla. This build-up is reportedly in response to the demise of Adobe Flash. The perks for the open-source design are that it can be used and improved by anyone and users won’t have to constantly switch between different formats to view videos. According to a statement from the Alliance for Open Media, this project is the first of many.

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