You’re Booked | Social Media Help Desk Episode 61

May 2019

A world where appointments and reservations are made without ever leaving the app you found the business on… is reality!? This week on the Social Media Help Desk, our guest host Stephen Wagner is sitting down with panel members Taylor Glaze and Billy Bates to discuss valuable tips and tricks to help your business succeed online and the latest industry news, including the ability to make appointments on Instagram.


We’re getting started with today’s top news stories. Instagram has launched a new tool which allows users to book appointments through a company or business’ Instagram page. But would you use it? The panel is weighing the value of this new capability along with the rest of the latest digital marketing stories making headlines this week.


Then we’re tossing things over to Billy who is lending his expertise on web development to help us understand the power of alt tags. If you’re looking to get your content in front of more people (and who isn’t?) these tips for adding alt tags to photo will help to improve your ranking and help you get found online.


Then Taylor is taking over with a helpful tip on featured snippets. What are featured snippets? Also known as the Google Answer Box, a featured snippet is displayed when a user asks questions like “How to,” “What is,” etc. It shows a direct answer that is taken from the first page of the search results, so users don’t have to visit the actual page to know more. Taylor is sharing her thoughts on these snippets and how to strategically use them to get more eyes on your blog and on your company’s site.


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