Your Twitter Account isn’t Still Speaking to Facebook or Linkedin is it?

Feb 2011

Sometime about a year and a half ago I realized that I can update one social media platform, connect that platform to another one and then that platform to another outlet.    It was my own Faberge commercial, except I told twitter, then they told Facebook and they told Likedin and then finally somebody told YouTube.

Shortly after linking them I took a look at all of my accounts and realized that they were too busy and didn’t make any sense.  Linkedin was the professional –wondering about this casual twitter fella that kept rambling about RTs and just talking too much.   Facebook also had a problem with twitter.  My social media world was awry and I needed to fix it so all of my accounts were separated again.

In theory it rocked, having all the accounts linked so that I would have more time to work and do stuff.  In practice however, it was a disaster with the culture and personality of each format clashing with every platform that was blended.

Many of my friends had linked their accounts too.  Thankfully, like boy bands and Pet Rocks, the trend died down with only a couple people still linking all of their accounts.

Linking Facebook to twitter is the most commonly accepted update that is still happening.  Like Chuck Woolery, I love this connection.  Twitter is the little bird of social media that talks a lot and can get away with it.  Facebook is more of a quality update that might happen more than once a day but can easily be added to a twitter stream-if you’re active on twitter.  If you just have twitter set up solely as a repeat reference for Facebook then call Joey Greco because you’ve got a problem.

Take the time to individualize each of your social media accounts.  Yup, it takes time, maybe you need to alternate days when you post or really evaluate why you have that account.  Every platform has its benefits, but is not appropriate for every business or person.    Connor MacLoud may only have one social media platform, but you can have many.  Just don’t treat them like tribbles or your social media problems will multiply.

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