Your Social Media Strategy: It’s All in the Details

Nov 2012

So you’ve tackled your big social media plan, but did you forget about spreading the word about your social media presence?  These little steps may seem trivial, but they can yield great results  (kind of like how that  little ring or bracelet can complete and perfect an outfit) for your social media strategy.  Here are three great ideas of small steps you can take to further your social media strategy.

Add Links to Your Email Signature: You may think that your contacts know about your social media, but it never hurts to subtly remind them. An email signature is a great place to put links to your social media profiles because it’s easy (just set up a one-time email signature and have it automatically attach to all of your outgoing emails), and it’s like free advertising on each of your emails.

Calls-to-Action on Blog posts: Not everyone who stumbles upon your blog knows about your company, let alone your company’s social media. Placing calls-to-action in your blog post is a great way to convert your blog traffic to fans and followers on social media. A simple line at the end of each blog post saying “For more information about [your work/industry], follow us on Facebook!” can easily convert a reader into a much more invested “fan”.

Using Receipts/Invoices: Again, your customers don’t all know about your social media profiles. A great place to remind them is on the bottom of your receipts or invoices.  A simple, “Check us out on Facebook!” that’s maybe coupled with an added incentive– like a small discount or gift– can mobilize people to your social media faster.

Yes, it may seem tedious to have to go back through your blog archive and add that extra line or two on each post, but these types of things can  make a big difference. They are so easy to do, but it’s all a matter of actually doing them.

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