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Jul 2014
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Logging onto your Facebook account and updating your business page daily is a key element to your social media success.

If you are carving out the time to log on often throughout the week, but are struggling with what to do once you are on your business fan page, the following tips should help.

Check your notifications

The notifications tab will inform you of any new fan page followers, as well as any likes, comments or shares on your posts, as well as any posts onto your wall. Be sure to check this when you log on, and respond to any comments as necessary. You can provide excellent customer service by responding to messages and comments on your Facebook page in a timely manner. Doing this can also help people perceive a positive impression of your business.

Post content

We’re all familiar with the saying “Content is king.” And it’s so true! Your content is an important element of your social media strategy. Regularly posting quality content onto your Facebook page will help you grow your post reach, as well as your fan base. If you’re struggling with what to post, our past blog on the Importance of a Content Calendar should come in handy.


Before you leave, don’t forget to network with other like-minded business pages. After you have followed other business pages as your business page, you’ll be all set to click on that ‘Home’ button across the top of the page, and start liking, commenting and sharing (when and if appropriate for your business) with other content. For more information on how to network with other businesses, read our past post on Social Networking on Facebook and Twitter for more insight.

Facebook is a powerful social networking tool, and when used properly, it can add immense value to your business. Make it a priority to log on daily and participate!

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