You Can Shop In The Best Way With Pinterest's Visual Search

Jul 2016
Source: @chrismehan
Source: @chrismehan


Copying someone’s outfit just got a whole lot easier. In the coming months, Pinterest’s new visual search feature will easily answer the question of, “Where did you get that?”

Pinterest’s visual search feature will allow users to snap a picture of clothing, furniture – you name it, and then the app will search through all its images for visually similar items in your photo. This could be huge for e-commerce and Pinterest’s own growth.


Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Users then get the option to tap the dots that are over the items in your photo that Pinterest found to get more recommendations of items that are similar. So, if you take a picture of a room and upload it to Pinterest – dots will show up on the lamp in that room, the couch, accessories such as pillows and perhaps the artwork.

Pinterest is the perfect platform for this feature – having a history of being the app to plan your home’s decoration, wedding details, outfit inspiration and more.

This picture-snapping-and-searching feature will build upon the edition Pinterest made six months ago, which allowed users to search within images on Pinterest to see related images of a single product. For example, a sweater you found in white can be searched to find different color options or prices. Since the announcement, users have made 130 million visual searches.

There are some holdbacks with the visual search as of now. Visual search technology has a history of being pretty inconsistent and slow. The results that the app provides must be accurate and worthwhile to those using it, so Pinterest is still working to fine-tune their visual search feature. The social media platform has a database of 75 billion images, so the chances are that Pinterest’s search will find something close to what you are looking for, if not the exact thing. The new visual search will be ready for operation in the coming months.

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