Will Instagram Soon Become ‘Pinstagram?’

Mar 2019

LinkedIn’s trending topics keep its audience engaged, Facebook takes big steps to earn back our trust, and Instagram may become the new Pinterest. These new features on each of these platforms are some of the biggest game changers in the news of social media this week.


Instagram is Ripping a Page from Pinterest’s Book

Instagram has recently become the do-it-all app, from adding messaging features to stealing the thunder from Twitter’s live video feature, Periscope, to re-inventing the Stories functions of Snapchat. Now Instagram has a new target in the war of social media: Pinterest.


Recently it was announced that Instagram is planning to take a page from Pinterest in allowing the “Collections” feature to become public. Currently “Collections” functions just like a private Pinterest board, allowing users to save Instagram posts into organized categories. When this feature goes public, followers will be able to follow different user’s boards of saved Instagram posts, nearly identical to Pinterest’s function. Public “Collections” has the potential to boost the app’s usage among both users and businesses on the platform, adding another great place for e-commerce to take place on Instagram.


You’re One Day Closer to Facebook Knowing You a Little Less

Have you ever shopped online, opened your Facebook app, and noticed an ad for a similar product? It’s no secret that Facebook has extensive data collecting abilities from 3rd party apps and websites. The better Facebook, Inc. has become at ad targeting, the more it has freaked us out, losing the trust of thousands. In response to this, Facebook has promised a “Clear History” feature that is expected to roll-out later this year, after a long delay. Facebook first mentioned this feature in May of 2018 but has had a rocky road in the development of a “Clear History” function. This feature will no doubt harm Facebook’s revenue that they collect from ad targeting, but the cost of re-establishing user’s trust seems worth it to the company.


LinkedIn Is Helping Users Stay In The Know of Trending Topics

LinkedIn has been slowly rolling out a feature recently called “What people are talking about now” that updates users on current trending topics, stories, and conversations. The creation of this tool (featured on the right-hand side of the Home screen) will boost engagement for users, help streamline LinkedIn updates, and provide relevant information to users based on their profession.


Did you know: LinkedIn performs 277% better than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to generating visitor-to-lead conversions.

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