Wild About Web | Social Media Help Desk Episode 46

Feb 2019

This week on the Social Media Help Desk, we’re sharpening our design eye with this week’s panel guests, web designers Daniel Thaete and Billy Bates. Your website is the hub for all of your digital marketing efforts and is often your customer’s first impression of your business. Alexandra Hall is hosting the discussion on the best practices for choosing a blog image and how to get more views with YouTube’s SEO.


By using a hero image for your blog, you’re immediately capturing the audience’s attention and beginning to tell your story. Billy is breaking down the best way to select a hero image, the best resources to use, and how to work with your website to use your image as an SEO tool.


Then, Daniel is covering the other main visual aspect to marketing – video! Since Google owns YouTube, SEO is an integral part of being successful on the platform. Daniel is letting viewers in on YouTube’s SEO secrets to getting more views and some of the ways you can update your videos for success.


Everyone’s already talking about it, so why not make it a part of your marketing strategy! As a part of Instagram’s latest update, the platform now allows you to share the show you are watching (or binging) on your Netflix app to your Instagram story. The panel is discussing how you can incorporate this into your Instagram strategy and why you might want to use the new capability.


If you’ve thought that Twitter might not be the platform for you, Twitter wants to convince you otherwise! With daily usage up 9%, your audience could be there waiting to hear from you.


The Help Desk is wrapping up this week’s episode by wishing Facebook a happy birthday! 15 years later, Facebook is still the leader in social media and a powerhouse for advertising and marketing. From helping you expand your audience online, to allowing us to stream live on Facebook each week, Facebook is a tool that continues to prove its worth.


Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users.

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