Why You Need Google My Business

Jul 2014

google sign, google expertDo you think it’s important to show up in Google?  When was the last time you actually searched for your business?  If you haven’t recently, take a minute and do a search for your business.  Type in your business name – what shows up?  Does your website show up first?  Maybe a social media channel?  Or does a competitor or different business show up?  Maybe a business from a different state?


If you search for your business on Google, it should show up similar to below. Notice the information to the right of the actual search results.  You have to submit that information to Google directly in order for it to show up.

google my business, why google my business is important


If it’s not showing up like this, then you have some work to do.  Fortunately, Google just recently combined a few of their business listing properties to be easily managed from one place.  They have conveniently called it “Google My Business.”  Essentially, they have made a single place to enter your business’ information so that it shows up in search, maps and on Google+.

This is extremely important as those are places that your customers or potential customers are looking for you.  By taking just a few minutes, you can ensure that you control how your business shows up on Google.  If there is an old address listed, you can change it.  If you want to add more information, like your hours of operation or additional contact information, you can do that.

Additionally, this will help you appear more legitimate in the eyes of those who are searching for you.  If someone searches for your business and the first thing that shows up is your website, along with additional information about your business right there in Google, it looks good.  Not only does it provide pertinent information about your business, like your contact information, it keeps their eyes focused on the online property you want them to visit the most – your website.

If you haven’t yet, visit google.com/business and sign up.  It will walk you through the steps to create or claim your business on Google and get it set up so it displays properly.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me by commenting below – I would love to answer any questions you might have!

Photo credit: @mrmichaelhurley

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