Why Klout Matters, It’s Not Entirely an Ego Thing

Jan 2012

klout score, why klout matters, social media agencyIf you have more than three social media accounts you should know what Klout is.  A quick primer: Klout measures your involvement on social media and gives you a score.  Klout doesn’t share your information with those accounts, rather it looks at how you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and such to form a score. 

Why Klout is good

That is awesome that you’re active on Twitter and Facebook.  Did I say active?  I meant that you dominate those two and have friends coming out the wazoo, that’s more like you.

However, if you’re just on those two then you’re ignoring other platforms.  If you concentrate too much on certain platforms then your Klout score will suffer.  You know that every social media platform serves a different purpose and audience.  By engaging on all of your platforms, even LinkedIn, Google +,Foursquare, YouTube and others, you’ll have a wide, balanced approach to social media.

If you monitor your Klout score it essentially forces you to break bad habits and engage everybody, not just the cool kids on Facebook.

You’re So Vain

A high Klout score isn’t something that you brag about.  Your Klout score is the result of your steady, consistent work across all of your social media.  Companies that want to reach and network with social media influencers will contact you.  There are also some freebies for people with high scores.

How is it measured and raised?

You need to do more than just have an account and engage it regularly.  You have to create quality content that people want to share, comment, like, cross post to LinkedIn or make a video tribute to.  That’s not asking too much now is it?

Instead of just checking in on Foursquare leave a comment and make a list.  A list of places that you want to eat, book stores, dog parks-anything, just make a list.  When you start to visit these places cross them off of your list, then make another list.

Get some RTs and @ replies on Twitter.  If you’re just shooting out information then you’re not engaging.

The ‘likes’ that you do on Facebook add up to a gradually higher score on Klout.

LinkedIn, do the same thing as Facebook, except with more professional words.

Don’t forget about Instagram, Tumblr and other things that can help your Klout score.

Klout can help you expand your reach and get more social with social media.  There is a contingent of  people that think that Klout is meaningless and that the score doesn’t really mean anything.   Regardless of your Klout score or stance, you can’t win the game if you don’t play.

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