Why is Digital Storytelling So Important?

Feb 2022

Digital storytelling is more than just a fictional story in a blog. It’s about who you are as a business. And at KWSM, we believe that every business has a story to tell. From the founding of your organization to the people who purchase from you, your story is what makes your business come alive.

Digital Storytelling Defined

According to a recent study by Forbes, digital storytelling is the key ingredient to helping your business stand out in the crowd. So what is digital storytelling? In its most basic essence, digital storytelling is truly telling the stories of your business. It’s sharing features of real people to help your audience connect with you and understand what matters to you the most. 

According to the Forbes study, many businesses are still extremely focused on selling the business name, not the people inside or the people that support it. Their “stories” are more focused on the obvious facts about their products or services instead of the value it provides customers. This results in customers receiving impersonal advertisements and ultimately choosing a competitor. Companies should instead leverage the stories of their clients and employees to promote an honest look at why a customer should choose them.

Best Business Stories to Share

Like most businesses, there are endless amounts of stories to share. Some may be very obvious, and others may take a little digging. Here are several types of stories you can share for your business through digital storytelling that will help you connect with your audience.

Employee Features

Customers and prospects love to see the faces of the people behind the logo. Do you have a long-time employee? Is there someone on your staff that has a unique past? These are the stories you want to be sharing in your marketing. These stories can help you recruit the right team members, but most importantly, show that your business is human. Customers love to have personalized experiences and want to know the people they are working with. Showcasing the people these customers may be encountering during their interactions helps to begin establishing trust and building a lasting relationship.

Founders’ Stories

Every business starts somewhere. Even if how you started your business wasn’t glamorous, people still want to know about it. Understanding how you came up with your business idea, your dream, and how that vision has come to life gives your brand depth. Customers can relate to you better. They have insider knowledge of who your business is, not just what it does. 

This also goes a long way when looking at future business partnerships as well. If for example, you started a pop-up shop inside your garage, other entrepreneurs may be able to relate to your journey and be more likely to collaborate.


The best way to sell your products and services is to let your best customers speak for you. People trust other people’s opinions. Think about the last time you tried a new business. Was it because you saw an ad or was it because a friend referred you? Likely, it was a referral. Employee testimonials are also a great way to showcase your business. These testimonials may not directly talk about your products but they show what your company stands for. 

Community Engagement

Does your company volunteer? Do you offer an internal growth program? Share about it! 63% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business that contributes to a cause. Whether that’s for the community or your employees, giving back is a big deal. People want to shop from businesses that care about their employees and want to make a positive impact.

megaphonePresenting a consistent brand message across all platforms has been shown to increase revenue by up to 23 percent. 

If you need help telling your brand’s story, KWSM can help. 

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