Why Aren’t My Google Ads Converting?

May 2021

Search ads on Google or Bing are typically an effective way to get in front of audiences that are already searching for keywords related to your business’ industry or offerings.


Search ads on the Google AdWords network typically convert 4% of traffic while ads on the display network convert at 1%. But what do you do when you’re running campaigns on Google (or Bing) that aren’t generating even those many conversions? It may be one of a few reasons why your business’ Google Ads aren’t converting at all.

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Google Ads are a time and monetary investment, so making sure they generate conversions should be a priority.

Ads Don’t Address Searcher Intent

As mentioned above, one of the key differences between search engine ads and ads on social media is that people using search engines are actively looking for a solution to a certain pain point they have. However, if your ad headline and copy don’t address that searcher’s specific pain point, they likely will scroll past the ad altogether without clicking it. 


Ad Extensions Aren’t Included 

Ad extensions can help your click-thru rate increase by 10-20%, and specifically call extensions can increase your conversions up to 10%. On your search ads you should be including these ad extensions, but only the ones that make sense. Good examples include your business rating out of 5 stars from customers, contact information, or if you are targeting locally, your local business address. 


Landing Page isn’t Strong Enough 

Above all else, one of the most common reasons that your search ads aren’t converting is that the landing page you’re directing traffic to isn’t strong. Google AdWords creates something called a quality score for your ad and landing page. If your quality score is low, Google is less likely to show your ad to audiences and direct traffic to your business’s landing page that Google has deemed “poor.” 


A strong landing page has a message that matches with the headline and copy of your ad text, loads quickly, and has a good user experience. 


The landing page you direct audiences to from your ad should also be a unique landing page and not just your company’s home or pricing page. 


Crafting the perfect search or display ad is much more than creating a strong headline, straightforward copy, or targeting the right keywords, it includes many more elements. Once you have tweaked your search ads to address searcher intent, include ad extensions, and have a strong landing page, your company should notice your conversion rate increasing. 


Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads.


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