Why Are You Ignoring Me?

Feb 2012

That’s the question that is going through my head right now.  I feel the same exact way as when I am put on hold with my credit card or bank for a very long time.  I call it being put on ‘ignore’…

Chau wrote a blog recently about her experience with a certain company and their ignoring ways. But that was resolved and has passed.

This is different, and the lesson applies to a far greater number of businesses than in that situation.

You see, in the post that Chau wrote about, the company was active on social media, they just simply ignored her and went on with what they were doing.  A blog post and a few tweets later, that company resolved the issue.

No, what I am talking about is when a company has social media channels, are posting regularly, but there is no conversation.  The information is going one way, from the business to the consumers, but when the consumer (me) tries to respond, interact, etc, I am left on ‘ignore’.

If you are a business owner, trying to improve your social media, this one piece of advice will take you further than any new fancy app, social media webinar or contest that you can put on.

The piece of advice is simple: get social.  Yes, it’s so simple, basic and fundamental that we even made it part of KWSM’s tagline: Be Fearless, Get Social.

There’s no substitute, and there’s no excuse.  Getting social with the people who follow you, fan you, subscribe to you, connect with you… is the number one best way to make social media work.  You can’t automate that, you can’t buy that, you can’t fake that.  It takes time and it takes wit.  But if you are consistently ‘there’, talking to people on a regular basis, then guess what?  You will see results.

I will leave you with one last word of caution about getting results.  If your business sucks offline, it’s going to suck online.

(ranting complete)

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