Who's in Charge of Your Brand?

May 2012

China-Internet-LinkedInKatie sent us all a great article from the Content Marketing Institute that talks about the importance of brand consistency across social media. Like products, people and companies, brands have reputations and personalities too, and a brand’s voice must always stay genuine, consistent and true in order for it to succeed.

Our client list at KWSM is diverse, and we love it—it gives us the opportunity to work with many different individuals and companies who all offer something new and dynamic to the world. While diversity in our client list is fun and guarantees that we are always on our toes, it also can be challenging; An array of clients means a multitude of different personas we need to take on daily to ensure that we always best reflect each of our clients through their social media.

When a client signs with us, they are entrusting us with their brand, and it is our responsibility to deliver their brand on social media accurately. That means that each strategy that we create for each client will differ from one another.

So where do we begin? As born-journalists, we like to ask questions, so naturally we start all our clients off with a mini interview, where we walk each client through a series of q&a’s that will help us delve deep into their brand. What is the history of the company? What are its core values? What industry does it compete in? How would the company describe its personality?

From there, we tailor each of our clients’ content to match their brand. We ensure that all content delivered is consistent with each of our clients’ tones, voices and personas.

Think about other social media agencies that collect set fees and then schedule generic posts on HootSuite for their clients. Are those agencies really “getting” their clients, and in turn accurately portraying their clients’ brands on social media? Probably not.

At KWSM, we don’t just turn on our computers, log into our clients’ Facebook pages, post up the first thing we find on Google and then call it a day. We’re dedicated to telling our clients’ “stories”, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that we’re telling the best story we can.


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