When Two Worlds Collide Social Media Help Desk Episode 54

Apr 2015

It’s an exciting week on the Social Media Help Desk panel as we have KWSM Atlanta Content Editor, Audrey Wunderlich, visiting our Orange County office for the week! She is joined by our host Alexandra Hall and web designer Angie Smith as they discuss this week’s trending topics, including all the info on SnapChat’s newest feature: Snap Map.


We’re jumping right in with important information from Angie on SSL Certificates. Does your website have an SSL? Would you know if you needed one? Angie is breaking it all down and sharing her knowledge on the certificate and how it can affect your site’s search engine optimization.


By now, we all know the importance of keywords in blogs and on websites in order to rank higher in search, but did you know keywords play into your success on Pinterest as well? Audrey is sharing everything you need to know about including keywords on the site, how to optimize your profile, and the sections you should be loading up with keywords to gain visibility.


We’re closing out this week’s episode discussing some of the top social media news stories of the week. Both LinkedIn and SnapChat have released new features that will change the way you interact on the platforms, plus Facebook is rolling out a new capability that provides users more information about why they are being targeted for the ads they are being shown. Will this transparency change the way you feel about targeted ads?


Our Social Media Help Desk episodes stream live every Tuesday at 12:30 PM PST. If you have a question you’d like answered by the panel, email us at tips@kwsmdigital.com and our team will discuss your topic during the show.


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When Two Worlds Collide Social Media Help Desk Episode 54

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