3 Ways to Promote Your Business Through Your Personal Facebook Profile

Apr 2015

There are a number of ways you can promote your Facebook business page beyond advertising and regularly posting on the page. Facebook marketing works best when you take advantage of your

Photo Credit: @elainehannah
Photo Credit: @elainehannah

personal Facebook profile, groups, and strategic partners to maximize your social reach.

Use Your Profile’s About Section

It’s important that you list your business in the employment section of your Facebook profile. The employment section appears in the top left-hand corner of your Facebook profile and will directly link to your Facebook business page.

Make sure that your employees are linking to your company’s Facebook page in the employment section of their profiles as well. This will allow your page to be seen by more people.

Enable The Follow Button

If you share your Facebook page’s content on your personal page, enabling the follow button on your profile will let you connect with more people. Facebook limits the amount of friends you can have to 5,000, but you can have an unlimited number of followers.

Facebook gives you the option when posting content to share it with your followers or your friends or both! This allows you to continue to use your Facebook page in a private way with select friends, but still have some posts reach hundreds or even thousands of followers.

Create A Group

Facebook groups are great for visibility. When someone joins a group the posts will begin appearing in their newsfeed by default. Groups can be used for a wide variety of reasons and each day hundreds of new groups are being created on Facebook.

Try searching for an active group that relates to your industry to join. If you can’t find one, create it! Learn more about using Facebook groups (link) as a part of your Facebook marketing strategy.

Using these three methods will help you use your personal Facebook profile to promote your business. This will help increase the exposure of your Facebook business page and lead to more people connecting with your page.

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