What the James Charles Incident Taught Us About Social Media | Social Media Help Desk Episode 59

May 2019

Influencers come and go – but no one has lost followers as quickly as James Charles did last weekend. This week on the Social Media Help Desk, I sat down with our host Alexandra Hall and content editor Ivana Hermida to discuss the current situation with James Charles, followed by this week’s discussion topics, how to avoid LinkedIn’s networking limits, and the “buzzwords” that are killing your writing.


We’re diving into this week’s episode discussing the fallout from the James Charles incident and what business owners can learn from this. Recently, controversial news about the YouTuber and celebrity and makeup artist, James Charles, came to light, resulting in a loss of over 3 million followers. We’re discussing the backlash and how incidents like this one not only affect the influencer, but also the brands and companies they represent.


Following our discussion on recent social news, Ivana is filling us in on LinkedIn’s networking limits. We’re discussing why these limits exist, and what you can do to ensure you make the most out of the platform’s capabilities.


I’m wrapping up this week’s episode with my thoughts on “buzzwords” in writing. Whether it’s copy on your website, social media posts, or blog posts you’ve written, these overused words are hurting your writing and taking away from the potential of what you have written.


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