What Opportunities Do YouTube Shorts Create For Businesses?

May 2022

What Opportunities Do YouTube Shorts Create For Businesses?

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are YouTube’s response to the rise in popularity of short-form videos. Shorts launched in the US in March 2021, and those videos now reach 15 billion views daily. The Shorts feature allows users to capture, edit, add music, and add animated text for videos up to one minute in length. The appeal is to immediately satisfy the viewer through quick content and offer a different experience – these are vertical videos that take up the entire mobile screen, as opposed to the horizontal videos users are used to. Although there are other short video platforms, notably TikTok and Instagram Reels, let’s understand how YouTube Shorts can be beneficial to your business in regards to engagement


Opportunity in Subscribers     

One of YouTube Shorts’ features is that once someone subscribes to a Short, they are automatically subscribed to the long video content as well. This is beneficial to businesses as it is easier to encourage followers to engage with different types of content on the same platform versus another platform. This flexibility also allows viewer interaction to spike. If viewers enjoy a Short, they will likely be interested in viewing the longer videos as well. 


YouTube Shorts’ Fund 

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, YouTube has decided to encourage growth and engagement through YouTube Shorts by offering a $100M fund to creators. Each month, a portion of the fund will be distributed to those that had the most engagement and views. This opportunity is great for businesses as it will push their creativity, engagement metrics, and enable them to potentially earn a portion of the fund. 


YouTube Shorts + Engagement 

The features YouTube has created for YouTube Shorts, such as the linking of subscribers and the length of a Short, has been set up on the basis of engagement. For instance, Shorts can increase the average view duration if a Short is intriguing and leads the viewer to other types of content, such as long videos. The YouTube Shorts’ Fund is also a push for creating videos that are appealing to your audience. Shorts with the most views and engagement will receive money that can be used for other content strategy ideas. 


If your business is deciding which short video platform to invest into, don’t forget about YouTube Shorts! As YouTube is the red megaphone / bullhornworld’s second most visited website, using this new feature seems like a no-brainer.

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