What is the Power of Storytelling for Business?

May 2023

Storytelling isn’t a lost art. We see it in every movie, novel, and conversation between friends. It’s time to capitalize on the comfort that your customers find in a good narrative with a marketing strategy that focuses on storytelling for business. KWSM has been creating digital marketing strategies for 13+ years and as a copywriter who is involved in executing these strategies, it’s clear to me that Brand Storytelling is a powerful strategy. Once you understand your audience’s wants, needs, and the problems that they face, you can create a brand story that connects with your customers on a deeper level.

Like most people, I grew up reading stories about heroes, villains, and grand adventures. These stories allowed me to play the part of the hero in my imagination and escape reality for a moment. When we reach adulthood, it’s expected that we put those fantasies behind us, but the truth is that many people -myself included- never truly lose that love for an adventurous story. In fact, it’s probably why I became a writer. When I learned about Brand Storytelling, I knew instantly that the people who still love stories (everyone!) would gravitate toward the businesses who use this strategy. 

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brand Storytelling is a marketing strategy based on the idea that compelling stories help companies build and maintain a strong connection with their clients. Brands that remain faceless and disconnected from their customers’ wants and needs no longer have an impact in the market. A Brand Storytelling approach gives you the opportunity to make your audience feel like they’re being heard and understood, which will result in more leads and conversions.

Storytelling for business is unique because it places your customer in the role of the hero of the narrative instead of your brand or product. It’s counterintuitive at first, but by giving your audience the space and permission to take ownership of their own story, they are more likely to view your brand as the guide they need to overcome their challenges and make it through to the next step of the journey. 

The Power of Storytelling for Business

While the narrative of Brand Storytelling is customer-centric, your business will still be positively impacted by this strategy. Here are some of the benefits of storytelling for business:  

1. Build Brand Awareness

A well-formed brand story will help you stand apart from your competitors. Your unique journey will draw in new audiences and put you at the forefront of their minds when your product or service is needed.

2. Establish Trust With Your Audience

By bringing your customer into the brand story as the main character, you create trust between you and your customer. Not only do you understand the problems they are facing, but you also have the tools to help them succeed. 

3. Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Once you have established this relationship with your clients, they know you are a dependable source of the information, assistance, or the tools they need. If they ever find themselves in a similar situation, they won’t hesitate to come back again and again. 

4. Meet Google’s E-E-A-T Requirements 

Last year, Google rolled out its Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust (E-E-A-T) guidelines for online content. They are prioritizing content that meets these standards in the rankings. A Brand Storytelling strategy elevates your content to help you meet Google’s standards. 

Brand Storytelling with KWSM

With benefits like these, it is a no-brainer to shift your content marketing strategy to Brand Storytelling. However, it’s a giant leap from the marketing tactics that you’re used to and, understandably, you may need some guidance of your own.

At KWSM, we are professional storytellers. We help brands express themselves through great blog content, authentic social media, effective online ads, and compelling websites. We’ll ensure that your online presence accurately tells the story of your business, and delivers the results you’re looking for. 

68% of consumers say that brand stories influence their purchasing decisions. 

KWSM will help you build a brand story that captures who you are as a business. Fill out the form below to get started!

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