What is Pinterest Academy?

Feb 2020

Pinterest AcademyPinterest is one of the largest growing social media channels today. With 335 million users as of December 2019, Pinterest has become an ideal tool for many companies to sell their products and share their brand’s story. However, many companies struggle with creating a strategy that works on this platform. Thanks to the experts at Pinterest, there’s a full educational suite to teach you everything you need to know.


What is Pinterest Academy?

Pinterest Academy is a free full e-learning tool featuring multiple marketing courses. Courses range from a site overview to planning and executing a strategic plan. Here are the current and upcoming courses:


  • Pinterest Narrative
  • Creative Inspiration
  • Creative Strategy
  • Campaign Objectives
  • Targeting and Buying
  • Setting up a Pinterest Business account
  • Planning and strategizing a campaign
  • Building and launching a campaign
  • Managing and measuring a campaign


What’s so great about Pinterest Academy?

Most people have a very short attention span. They will never make it through long-winded webinars. With this in mind, Pinterest created digestible content for all of their courses. Some are only estimated to take 4 minutes to complete and you can even learn to create a campaign on the go. In just a few minutes, you could have the tools to conquer the Pinterest marketing world. 


If you’re brand new to the Pinterest game, their academy may be the perfect first step for you. Signing up is simple too. All you need to do is create a profile in the academy and get started. You can even map out your course track to make sure you’re covering all the topics you need.


microphone90% of weekly pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

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